Michael Mark, PE

Michael is a practicing Professional Engineer and Mechanical Engineering Manager at Waldron Engineering & Construction, Inc. He has diverse experience within the energy generation and distribution industries, having worked for both institutional and industrial clients to develop and implement strategic solutions to their overall energy needs. His experience includes modeling and analysis of district energy systems, selection of cogeneration system prime movers and heat recovery equipment, balance of plant system engineering, ASME Code piping analysis, plant commissioning, and project life cycle economic analysis. Michael will lead the technical implementation of the digester and energy production systems.

Scott Sargert

Scott Sargert owns Sargert Environmental Consultants and possesses over twenty years experience in the design and implementation of natural systems wastewater treatment. Scott holds a BS in Aquatic Biology from Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island. He will lead the development of the aerobic digester and constructed wetlands complex, as well as provide consulting on co-product production.

Bob Pedersen

Bob Pedersen is co-owner of High Plains ACT and has over twenty-five years experience in agricultural operations including small-scale organic farming, commercial compost operations, and agricultural systems design. He is founder of Tierra Lucero, a non-profit organization that has installed over fifty community gardens in low-income areas. Bob leads the compost and soil microbial inoculation production operations.

Tom White P.E.

Tom White is co-owner of High Plains ACT, and has over 35 years experience in engineering in the electric utility industry, oil and gas supply and transportation industry, and in the Agribusiness and Dairy industry. He will provide technical overview of the entire project, as well as providing design and implementation of the systems as the apply to the dairy.


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