The Omega Bioenergy project is managed by a core team consisting of High Plains ACT Project Manager Tom White, Site Coordination Supervisor Caleb Spear, and WTX Dairy Construction, a commercial construction management firm.

Tom White

Tom White is Managing Partner of High Plains ACT, and serves as the Project Manager for the Omega Bioenergy pilot project. Tom graduated from Texas Tech University with a BS in Electrical Engineering. He is a registered Professional Engineer with over 30 years experience in the construction industry. Tom worked for Southwestern Public Service Company, where he designed and commissioned coal fired power plants. For Diamond Shamrock Oil & Gas, Tom designed and commissioned large gas transmission pipelines. At White Electric, Tom worked on electrical engineering for agriculture related projects, expanding to the complete design and construction of dairies in 2001. Tom then joined with several other local businessmen to form the High Plains Dairy Council, actively recruiting dairies to the Dalhart area. In 2008 Tom built the Omega Dairy and formed High Plains ACT to utilize the energy from the waste stream at the back end of the dairy.

Caleb Spear

Caleb Spear serves as the project’s Site Coordination Supervisor. Caleb is a licensed contractor in Colorado with over eight years experience in the field managing construction teams. His experience ranges from leading aide and development projects in Asia to directing a successful Colorado firm, NGI Construction and Design. Caleb is responsible for overall integration of on-site construction and design activities, including coordination of site work with the existing Omega Dairy operations.

WTX Construction Management

Construction of the Omega Bioenergy physical plant systems is provided  by WTX Dairy Construction, a general contractor with significant experience in dairy construction.


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