High Plains ACT, LLC

High Plains ACT, LLC is a dairy energy services company founded in February, 2008, by Tom White and Bob Pedersen. We’re located in Dalhart, Texas, in the northwest corner of the Panhandle.

Our mission is to develop innovative waste-to-energy technologies that will turn agricultural pollution centers into clean-energy profit centers.

ACT has collaborated with the Omega Dairy to launch the Omega Bioenergy pilot project, developing a waste-to-energy model demonstrating a unique integration of established technologies to yield synergistic results.

Systems components

anaerobic biodigester

aerobic biodigesters

constructed wetlands

algal biofilter

The Omega Bioenergy team will prove the concept that this integrated design approach as a whole is much more valuable than any of the single design elements in isolation. Why? Because each element in the system provides inputs into multiple other elements, so that energy and nutrient loops are closed on-site, rather than left open as in conventional waste treatment strategies.

Systems co-products

electricity and heat

nutrient rich compost

microbial soil inoculants


other value-added biomass products

Upon commercialization, this approach can be widely deployed not only specifically at dairies, but also generally at Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO).

Environmental Benefits

Energy Efficiency

Rural Economic Development


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